Two days ago, during the break of my English school, my teacher asked me a challenge for my blog, Lagoons of Journalism: Why don´t you try to write an article in English?

Of course, I said yes. I am in London because of a big challenge: try to survive here! Therefore, I am going to write about a common issue for the foreign people (above all the Spanish and Italian plague) who are in this crazy but wonderful city:

What are we doing here? There must be many motives to answer this question but is not unlikely to guess the mainly. First of all, I won´t use a dictionary. No way. It is quite good to make mistakes in a language and in the real life. I have made some of them but know I strongly believe I am in the right way. Which way?

Although the financial crisis in Spain could be the most important reason to stay here for us, I think that we are here, at least for me, to find our own identity, because in my country, four months ago, I didn´t feel enough ambitious and optimist as I am nowadays. Of course, I miss a lot my family and close friends, as the most people who are here, but London allows me to become, step by step, the person who I want to be. As I told on Facebook last week, what makes London (above all Camden) so special is that you can wear whatever you want and you can BE whatever you want.  I am not hiding anything. In fact, I am showing more things about myself: my whole personality, skills and self-confidents. It means that everybody knows my favorite singer, Enrique Iglesias, my strange sense of humor (XD) and some of my dreams, as change my name on Facebook to Danny Zuko.

Moreover, I have to say that in London I am always surrounded of people, some of them very pleasant and lovely, as my school partners, but at the same time, I feel alone. This lonely, dear Spaniards and friends from different countries and cultures, is also necessary to realize if you are doing good here.

To sum up, maybe I am stubborn, but I invite you to take your mask off, lose the shame and make your dreams true, although sometimes, you will have to be someone in disguise.

Isn’t it teacher?

West Ham? Are you kidding me?

Come on Spurs!